Collaboration between Synarome and Antoine Renard at the Nathalia Obadia Gallery

Synarome is pleased to collaborate olfactory once again with the French contemporary artist Antoine Renard during his first solo exhibition Strange Attractors at the Nathalie Obadia Gallery in Brussels until December 17, 2022.

Strange Attractors Exposition

For nearly fifteen years, Antoine Renard has been working on the question of memory. The artist is interested in historical memory by reactualizing illustrious characters of the past. This is neither an anachronism nor a bizarre association: these two characters share their adolescent, fragile and androgynous bodies, caught up in the socio-political issues at the heart of our modern societies. These subjects also converge in their capacity to feed memories and collective imaginations over the centuries by participating in the mythification of bodies and contemporary occidental identity. Both heroes and victims of their own condition, the question of the representation of the body and its reception -convoking antagonistic feelings such as disgust and admiration- is also central.

This exhibition gathers 9 olfactory sculptures realized in ceramic with 3D printer and directly inspired by the little dancer of Degas and the David of Donatello, iconic works asking the question of the object body, of bodily, historical and olfactory memory.

At a time when the mechanical age has transformed our landscapes and our practices -by driving the craftsman out of his workshop to replace him with the faster and more inanimate machine- Antoine Renard breathes life back into his works: the manufactured object is transformed into a handmade ceramic, sensitive to its environment. The sculptures are erected like ruins, similar to the vestiges of memory, at the crossroads of absence and presence, lifting the veil on figures emerging from the past.

Relational dynamics invite themselves in the space of exhibition awakening the senses beyond the visible: the sense of smell is solicited, the memory emerges. is solicited, the memory emerges. The scented effluents shape the bodies. By adding fragrances to his sculptures, using Synarome ingredients such as Ambrarome and Algenone, Antoine Renard pays tribute to the infinite complexity of a personality often reduced to caricature and silence.

Crédit photo: We Document Art
Courtesy de l’artiste et de la Galerie Nathalie Obadia Paris / Bruxelles

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